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Am I Liable for a Teenage Driver?

For any parent, one of their biggest worries comes to fruition the moment their child is old enough to get a driver’s license. As well as you teach them to drive, teenagers are still inexperienced. They’re not always prepared to handle situations, and unfortunately, it leads to several crashes.

When your teen is old enough to drive, you should recognize how it impacts liability in a car accident. Below, we’ll explain what you should know about your liability if your teen causes a crash — or your rights if you’re in a collision caused by a teen driver.

Owner Liability

As a parent to a teen driver, you should know that you can be accountable when your teen causes an accident. You, as the owner of the vehicle, hold liability for the driver’s actions. One helpful way to limit liability is to ensure only one parent owns the car the child is driving.

Parent Liability

When your child is under 18 and gets their driver’s license, it’s a requirement to have one parent or guardian sign for their child to obtain their license. Florida Statutes section 322.09(2) states that when a parent signs for the driver’s license, they are essentially liable for negligence or willful misconduct by the teenage driver.

Limiting liability is crucial. The same parent should own the vehicle and sign for the license. If both parents are on the hook, it can cause numerous problems.

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