Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons why people need to file personal injury claims and lawsuits. Before you get too far into the legal process, browse our videos to get quick answers about some things that might be on your mind already, like whether or not settlements are taxable, or why distracted driving is so dangerous.

Client Testimonials

Our work is only as great as our success stories. We are proud to be able to share client testimonials here from some of our most difficult yet heartwarming victories.

Legal Terms

There are literal encyclopedias filled with legal terms that can complicate cases, claims, and lawsuits if you aren’t familiar with them. In our video catalog, we have included dozens of brief explanations of some of the most common and important legal terms that you might encounter in your case, as well as the correct way to pronounce them, so you can really impress the courtroom.

Firm Videos

Want to learn more about Dismuke Law or Attorney David Dismuke? Start right here, with our library of videos related to the firm and law practice in general.

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases can get complex in some unexpected ways. To shed some light on some of the more intricate issues that might happen with your case or claim, watch our library of videos related to various personal injury topics, including medical liens, letters of protection, and more.