man on the phone with an insurance company after a crash

Understanding the Car Accident Insurance Claim Process

After you suffer an injury in a negligence-related crash, you go through an extensive process to pursue compensation for damages you sustain. You may need to pay for property damage, medical bills, lost income, and other losses resulting from the crash, meaning it’s often necessary to deal with insurance companies.

Knowing what to expect can help any claimant navigate the process with confidence. Insurance companies, however, are in the business of lawsuits. They know what they are doing and how they look out for their own best interests. In the video above and the information below, our team will help you understand the process and what you need to know before moving forward.

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Insurance Companies and Their Goals

Did you know that in 2019, insurance companies spent billions of dollars advertising for new customers? Insurance companies are definitely not hurting for money. They pull in countless amounts of money from monthly premiums—and every new driver on the road means more money in insurance companies’ pockets.

The other way they save money? Limit how much they pay claimants.

One of the most common things that people do after an accident is call insurance companies and report the accident. It’s a big mistake to do so. Instead of calling your insurance company, be sure to speak with a personal injury lawyer to understand your rights and options better. Calling the insurance company on your own can present numerous problems that make it more difficult to recover the compensation you deserve.

What Insurance Companies Do to Protect Profits

You may think that you have nothing to worry about when filing a claim if you pay monthly premiums. However, most insurance companies have similar business models, and they’re not always willing to change that just because you experience a traumatic event. Their business relies on several tactics, many of which can delay a claim or result in a full denial.

Here are some of the tactics you should watch out for:

  • Low settlement offers and delays: Insurance adjusters may offer you a settlement amount near the beginning of the phase after some investigation. However, this amount is hardly ever sufficient. After they offer you a low settlement, they may delay the process so that your counteroffer goes unnoticed. A delay allows insurance adjusters to take advantage of a time when you’re most vulnerable.
  • Pre-existing injuries: Insurance adjusters look at the various injuries you may already have on your medical records. If insurance companies can prove that your injuries didn’t occur in the car accident, they can minimize how much they pay you.
  • Recorded statements: Insurance adjusters look at everything you say about the accident, how it occurred, the injuries you sustained, etc. Any discrepancies in your story can lead insurance adjusters to minimize their settlement offer or deny your claim entirely.

Working with an attorney gives you an insight into how these companies operate. A lawyer can safeguard your rights while dealing with insurance adjusters on your behalf, so it’s vital to ensure you are not taking steps without legal representation in your corner.

At Dismuke Law, PLLC, we commit to you and your rights. We’re well aware that you can encounter problems with insurance adjusters that make it difficult to recover compensation for your damages. We put our experience in your corner so you can stand up to bullies in the insurance industry who protect profits over people.

Our Lakeland car accident lawyers are here for you every step of the way. Let us take on the large corporations on your behalf and pursue compensation that helps you now and in the future.

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