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Letters of Protection & What They Mean for You

Have you ever heard of a letter of protection or LOP? Many people are not aware of this legal agreement, yet there are some pros and cons associated with them. In fact, they can significantly impact your car accident claim, so it helps to know what they are and what they mean for your case.

A letter of protection is an agreement that you establish with your healthcare provider. It states that your healthcare provider’s bills will be paid from a settlement if you receive one for your injury case. Here are some of the pros and cons that you should know about with LOPs.

Positives of a Letter of Protection

A letter of protection is great for a person who doesn’t have health insurance. It means they can receive treatment for their injuries after a crash. It particularly helps those who need to have more significant procedures, such as surgery.

A letter of protection gives someone the chance to receive a vital medical procedure when they need it most.

Negatives of a Letter of Protection

You should know that letters of protection make it so that you still owe the healthcare provider for any treatment you receive, even if you lose the case. You may have to figure out a way to pay for your losses out of your pocket.

If you have healthcare insurance, use the protections you pay for instead of a letter of protection. If you need legal help, working with a Lakeland car accident lawyer can give you the information you need and deserve to get the compensation that helps you move forward.

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