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Filing a Bad Faith Claim in Florida

What happens when you need to hold someone accountable for their actions, but the negligent party’s insurance provider is not working with you? Unfortunately, when you need compensation, some insurance companies will delay investigations, wrongfully deny claims, or discriminate against you, and it can complicate your case.

Whenever insurance companies act in bad faith, you can take additional legal action to pursue compensation. Working with a lawyer can help you protect your rights, but there are a few very important things you should know.

Proving Bad Faith

Insurance companies deny claims all the time for one reason or another, and it’s not always an act of bad faith. To prove that bad faith exists, it helps to have a lawyer who can explain your rights and determine where an insurance company may be delaying an investigation or otherwise impacting your claim.

Insurance companies have an obligation to help claimants after a car accident. When they fail in their duties, they should be held accountable.

What is Bad Faith Insurance?

Bad faith insurance can refer to the numerous tactics that insurance companies and their adjusters use to take advantage of claimants after a car accident. It’s often insurance adjusters’ top priorities to protect profits, and they can significantly impact a claim.

While simple mistakes would not be enough to file a bad faith insurance claim, you can take legal action if the insurance company:

  • Misrepresents their customers’ policy terms
  • Delays payment or investigation to convince you to settle for less
  • Discriminates against you to deny your claim
  • Wrongfully excludes provisions of a policy

If insurance adjusters try to take advantage of your rights, our Lakeland car accident lawyers will be there to stand in your corner. At Dismuke Law, PLLC, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to pursue maximum compensation and safeguard you against large companies who solely focus on protecting their profits over people.

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