man with a back injury seeing a doctor

What Problems Arise When Seeing a Doctor After a Crash?

After a crash occurs, it’s vital to ensure everyone involved is okay. Severe injuries happen all the time in collisions, making it necessary for people to seek medical care in the aftermath. As such, you want to work quickly to see a doctor without delay.

Before you see a doctor, though, you should know about some of the mistakes that can often impact your claim. Specific things you say or do can prevent you from getting the maximum compensation you need following a severe injury. We want you to know about them to help protect your rights.

Don’t Leave Out Important Information

When you see a doctor, you should make sure you report all parts of your body where discomfort occurs. If you experience knee, back, and neck pain, make sure the doctor knows about all areas. If you only report one part of your body, the doctor will focus solely on that spot.

If you leave out pertinent information regarding other parts of your body hurting, the insurance company may use that to minimize your claim. A healthcare provider’s report goes a long way in helping you get the results you need.

Don’t Forget to Discuss Prior Injuries

Ensure you inform your doctor of any pre-existing conditions you may have encountered, especially if they are in the same spots as your new injuries. Pre-existing injuries won’t eliminate you from recovering compensation, but they can impact your claim. You can still file a claim for aggravation of pre-existing conditions.

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