commercial trucks on a highway

The Dangerous Highways Around Lakeland

Countless vehicles trek the miles of highways throughout the area every single day. While some of those highways are more congested than others, some highways are more dangerous than others. History shows that these three highways—and the presence of large commercial trucks—are a consistent presence in serious accidents.

Interstate 4

Traveling 132 miles from Tampa to Daytona Beach, the I-4 has a history when it comes to commercial vehicle accidents. Earlier this month, a Lynx bus overturned on the I-4 in the Orlando area resulting in 9 people suffering significant injuries.

Using raw data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a report came out in 2016 labeling the I-4 as one of the most dangerous and deadliest highways in the entire country. In the six years prior, the highway averaged 1.41 fatalities per mile.

Florida State Road 60

Just south of Lakeland, you’ll find State Road 60, the 161-mile stretch from Clearwater Beach in the west to Vero Beach in the east. If you have ever traversed this route, you can surely attest to the fact that it is one of the most congested in the area with large commercial trucks. As a primary route to Tampa International Airport and an extremely popular route for commercial trucks, it becomes a potential hazard to drivers due to heavy traffic and possible negligence.

U.S. Route 27

East of Lakeland is the 496-mile stretch of highway, the U.S. Route 27. This route takes travelers from Miami through Florida into Georgia and is one of the busiest in the state. As such, it is highly congested with passenger and commercial vehicles alike.

Just this past July, a crash involving a semi-truck and a vehicle resulted in a fatal injury in Lake County. The accident was only one incident in a list of many showing how dangerous the route is.

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