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Allstate Claims Attorneys

Were you injured in an accident by an Allstate-insured driver? You may be able to file an Allstate claim requesting compensation for your injury. This article will discuss the issues that come up most frequently.

As is often the case with insurance companies filing a claim and obtaining compensation are two different things. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, and Allstate is often tougher than most. The company is not usually disposed to paying generous sums on claims and will typically look to protect its bottom line.

If you wish to recover fair compensation for your loss, you need to understand the Allstate claims process and how an attorney can help. Our Allstate claims attorneys explain what you can expect when dealing with Allstate and what the claims process will require.

What can you expect when dealing with Allstate?

Allstate insurance company is considered the fourth largest insurance company in the US. With assets in the hundreds of billions and profits of almost $5 billion in 2019, the company has the size and organization that positions it as an established, dependable insurer.

However, like most insurance companies in the US, and perhaps more than most, Allstate is challenging to deal with. The company has been embroiled in controversy after controversy, all of which revolve around its refusal to pay policyholders fair value on their claims. The company won the top spot in the American Association for Justice’s 2008 ranking of the Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America.

Shortly before the report, the company was sued in a lawsuit that alleged it intentionally denied and underpaid claims to victims of Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. In this lawsuit, the company paid just over $44,000 on a claim worth greater than $580,000. The court found against the company and ordered it to pay damages and penalties over $2.8 million.

A CNN investigation by Anderson Cooper shortly afterward also exposed the company as one of several major insurers that adopt a “deny, delay and defend” policy. The company has also been implicated in several other anti-policyholder controversies, including an active policy of bad faith in insurance claims.

Allstate has now gained a reputation for being one of the hardest insurers to deal with. Their default policy is to deny claims, frustrate the policyholder or claimant by taking the case to court if necessary. This is why you must be adequately prepared to fight for fair compensation.

What should you do immediately after your accident?

Filing a claim with Allstate will be necessary if you are a policyholder with the insurance company or were injured by a driver insured by them.

Since Florida is a no-fault state, you will typically have to turn to your insurer first if your claims are less than $10,000. But for claims above that amount, you can file a third-party claim with the other person’s insurer.

To ensure you have a solid foundation for your claim, it is vital that you take the following actions in the immediate aftermath of your accident:

  • Seek medical attention immediately, and tell your health care provider about ALL of your complaints, not just the worst one.
  • Call 911 to get law enforcement on the scene. The police officer will typically make a report. Ask for a copy.
  • Take pictures or video of the accident scene, including skid marks and damage to the vehicles.
  • Speak to witnesses, if you can, and collect their contact information.
  • Write down everything you remember about the accident.
  • Contact an Allstate claims attorney before taking the next step.
  • If you file the claim yourself, keep the contact as brief as possible. Do not say more than you have to, don’t speculate or provide opinions on anything. Keep in mind Allstate might record your conversation.
  • Do not sign any documents or agree to anything until you have spoken to a lawyer.

What is the process for filing an Allstate claim?

Allstate encourages its policyholders to file claims with the company through its online channels. This includes going through the mobile app, phone, or by contacting an agent. People filing third party claims are also encouraged to go through the website to better understand how they can commence their claims process.

The company has slightly different procedures for filing auto claims, disaster, flood, motorcycle, and other claims. You can visit their website here for more details on how you should start the claims process.

Apart from these, you may also be able to file a paper claim with all supporting documentation attached. Before filing your claim, you should ensure you have all the necessary documentation.

If you are worried about the claims process, contact the Allstate claims attorneys at Dismuke Law to help you through the process. Call (863) 292-6922 today!

What information do you need to file your claim?

Allstate will typically require certain specific documentation from you before filing your claim. There are also other documents you should provide for a stronger claim. These include:

  • Your insurance policy number, or if you are filing a third-party claim, the policy number and details of the at-fault person.
  • A copy of the traffic crash report.
  • The contact information of all passengers involved in the accident, if any (usually in the traffic crash report).
  • The contact information witnesses that were at the scene of the accident (usually in the traffic crash report).
  • Documentation and evidence you have from the accident
  • Comprehensive information and documentation of your injuries, including medical records and bills.
  • Wage loss information, including documentation from your health care providers establishing restrictions due to the traffic crash.
  • Details of other losses you suffered from the accident.

What happens after you file your Allstate claim?

After you file your claim, you will be assigned a claim number. This number helps the insurance company track your claim internally and will be necessary for when you want to check on the progress of your claim.

The company mentions on its website that after filing, the company will send a professional to investigate the details of your loss and evaluate the damage you have suffered. This stage will typically include speaking with any witnesses you provide and conducting a physical examination of your vehicle and reviewing medical documentation.

The claims adjuster may also try to get you to make a recorded statement, claiming it is part of the claims process. Do not agree to do this without first speaking with an attorney. The purpose of a recorded statement is usually to try and catch you saying something that may hurt your claim later on. You do not have an obligation to make a recorded statement to the at-fault insurance in Florida. However, you do have a responsibility to cooperate with your insurance company, but you have a right to speak to your Allstate claims attorney first.

Once the investigation is complete, the company will send you an estimate of the damage and make a settlement offer. As a rule, this offer will rarely come anywhere close to what you deserve after your accident. So, it is important that you speak with an attorney before accepting anything they put in front of you. Click here to learn what your case is worth.

When should you contact an Allstate claims attorney?

Filing a car accident claim with Allstate is often a difficult process. If the company believes it can skimp on its payments to you or escape liability entirely, it will stop at nothing to do so. This is why it is necessary to get a qualified Allstate claims attorney involved right from the beginning.

If your claim involves catastrophic injury, it will be even more vital to involve an attorney from the start. This ensures you have the best chance of receiving fair compensation.

If you would like to get started on filing your Allstate claim or if you have started already and need the input of an attorney, contact our Allstate claims attorneys for assistance at (863) 292-6922.


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