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Wrongful Death Compensation: What You May Recover

When you lose a family member to negligence, the last thing you think about is taking legal action. You don’t want to endure the legal process, and it’s understandable why. However, seeking compensation is one of the more essential things you can do in the aftermath of wrongful death.

You must recognize what type of compensation you may recover and what your rights are moving forward.

Compensation for Economic Damages

Economic damages make a smaller portion of your claim in a wrongful death case. These losses are quantifiable; they have a set value for money you and your family lost because of the death. For instance, economic damages can cover the following:

  • Lost income your loved one made and would have made

  • Medical expenses incurred from the date of the injury until the death

  • Funeral and burial costs, including plot and casket expenses

You can prove economic damages and request compensation for the total value lost.

Compensation for Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages can be challenging to determine. The jury looks at the emotional distress you suffer from because of the death. They may consider pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and other damages that are not quantifiable.

While compensation for non-economic damages seems like nothing when you lose a loved one, you should know they help in the long run and cover many of the financial struggles you may face.

Compensation to Punish the Negligent Person

In Florida, the jury may also award you punitive damages. While economic and non-economic compensation serves to help you offset the loss and financial hardships, punitive damages punish the wrongdoer.

Punitive damages exist in cases where malicious or intentional actions cause wrongful death. For instance, if you lose your loved one because of a violent act, the courts may force the defendant to pay you punitive damages as a consequence of his or her actions.

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