insurance adjuster taking photos of vehicle damage

6 Ways Car Insurance Companies Trick Accident Victims

Insurance adjusters represent large companies that want to protect compensation over anything else. Remember, though, that you have rights and deserve to seek compensation with the help of a skilled attorney who can protect you from the tricks that insurance companies try to use against you.

The Ways Insurance Companies Take Advantage of Claimants

  1. Tickets: Insurance companies may try to tell people that you’re considered the at-fault party if you got a ticket, and there’s no argument against it. It’s not true.
  2. Lack of treatment: Adjusters may try to tell you that if you don’t receive treatment within 14 days, you can’t receive compensation. This time frame only refers to personal injury protection benefits. If you’re filing a claim against someone, you don’t have to start treatment within those 14 days.
  3. Lack of property damage: Insurance companies might claim that if there’s not a lot of property damage, you can’t file an injury claim. There’s no 100% correlation between the two, so you shouldn’t believe them.
  4. PIP exhaustion: Adjusters might tell you that you may not recover anything else once your personal injury protection coverage is exhausted. This is not true, and you may have the right to pursue further compensation.
  5. Degenerative findings: If you suffer an injury, insurance adjusters might try to claim that they are from degenerative findings rather than the accident. A medical professional should provide an accurate diagnosis for your case.
  6. Pre-existing conditions: Insurance adjusters might try to claim that your damages are the result of a prior injury or accident. Don’t hide your pre-existing conditions because doctors can help show if you suffer new injuries.

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