insurance adjuster analyzing damage to a car after an accident

What Shouldn’t I Say to an Insurance Adjuster After a Car Accident?

Far too often, car accidents occur, and individuals attempt to go through the process of filing a claim on their own. While there are some situations where you can probably deal with your claim on your own, it’s usually in your best interests to have legal counsel on your side.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters often look for anything you say that they can use to take advantage of your rights. While we encourage you to never speak with insurance adjusters on your own, if it ever happens, there are a few things you should avoid saying.

“I Think…”

When you make a statement, you want to be certain. Never give insurance adjusters a reason to assume your memory of your crash is inaccurate. When you say that you think something happened, insurance adjusters will try to use this statement against you.

More than Necessary

You should stick with the facts of your case. The more you tell insurance adjusters on your own, the more they’ll try to use your statements against you. It also helps to keep your statements consistent, avoiding any discrepancies by adding more information than necessary.

About Your Injury

One thing you should never do is say that you are not injured. Even if you’re not feeling pain at the accident scene, you can experience latency issues that cause you to experience pain in days or weeks after the event. If you immediately say you’re not injured, the more likely it is insurance adjusters will try and deny your claim.

Our Lakeland car accident lawyers at Dismuke Law, PLLC want to help you avoid a complex situation. When insurance adjusters try to get a recorded statement or take advantage of your rights, get a lawyer on your side who is prepared to take on all challenges when you need us most. We don’t back down from insurance companies, and we go above and beyond to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf.

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