insurance adjuster checking the damage on a vehicle

Do Insurance Adjusters Lie?

When filing a claim, you may deal with insurance adjusters who have a priority on their companies and will do anything to protect profits. As such, it’s difficult to understand how insurance adjusters will act when you file a car accident claim to pursue compensation for the damages you sustain.

Discussing a case with insurance adjusters can be much more difficult than you expect. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters use various tactics to minimize how much they have to pay out. Here are some of the lies that insurance adjusters say that can impact your claim.

You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Insurance adjusters are quick to act friendly and tell you that you don’t need legal help to get through the process. They say a lawyer will cost you too much money. However, while it costs to hire a lawyer on contingency fees and you pay out of your compensation, hiring a lawyer can actually maximize the amount you may recover in your claim.

An insurance adjuster only hopes that you don’t have an insurance adjuster on your side because they have a higher chance of taking advantage of your rights.

You Have to Accept a Settlement

Insurance adjusters often offer a lowball settlement that doesn’t account for all of your losses. They’ll tell you that if you don’t accept the offer, you can’t get anything else. Never believe insurance adjusters when they claim that you can’t recover more than they offer.

You Have to Provide a Recorded Statement

You have the right to have legal counsel with you when providing insurance adjusters with a recorded statement to prevent them from taking advantage of a vulnerable situation. Make sure you only speak with insurance adjusters with a lawyer and only when you have to.

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